Q: What is the policy for missing pieces? All of our puzzles are checked prior to shipping, however, if you receive a puzzle with a missing piece, we will credit a portion of your subscription fee. Please contact us in this case. If you misplace a puzzle piece, you may purchase the puzzle from us at 50% of the puzzle replacement cost. If multiple puzzles are returned to us with missing pieces, your subscription may be subject to cancellation. We rely on the honor system with our customers and it works.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription anytime? Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at any time and we will send you a prorated refund based on your remaining subscription period. If you have a puzzle at the time of your request, it will need to be returned before your refund can be processed. To cancel,

  • Go to your subscription account,
  • Click on subscriptions in the left side menu,
  • Choose the current subscription you want to cancel,
  • Choose suspend on the actions line.

Q: Can I purchase a subscription as a gift? Yes! Check the “This is a Gift” box during checkout and add your recipient’s email. The recipient will receive an email notification of your purchase. Subscriptions do not renew automatically. The recipient can contact us if they are interested in purchasing their own subscription at renewal time.

Q: What happens if I don’t return a puzzle? If a puzzle has not been returned by the due date, we will notify you by email. Puzzles not returned within 3 months of original shipment date will subject your subscription to cancellation.

Q: Can I change my subscription plan to another one at any time? Yes, we are happy to change your subscription and will provide a prorated billing or refund, whichever is applicable. You can change your subscription in your subscription account.

Q: What happens if I finish puzzles quicker or longer than my selected subscription duration? You can change your subscription at any time to better accommodate your time. We also will contact you if we determine that your time will better fit another subscription and request for approval to change (there may be additional charge if changing to a more frequent duration).

Q: Is shipping cost included? Yes, free standard shipping is included in the subscription price. Standard shipping generally takes anywhere from 1-7 days. Priority shipping is also available for an additional fee. Priority shipping generally takes anywhere from 1-3 days. Choose which shipping method you prefer at checkout.

Got more questions? Please send us an email at puzzrent@gmail.com.