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Puzzle-building benefits for seniors with Alzheimer’s

Check out these great brain boosting benefits that can come from puzzle activity.

  • Slower decline of cognitive functioning – research has shown that working on puzzles regularly can help improve memory function, even to surface childhood memories!
  • Increased visual perception – your eyes constantly scanning for specific shapes or color assists in visual recognition which is known to decline with Alzheimer’s.
  • Expanded interaction with others – puzzles are fun to do solo, but they are a great group activity as well. Seniors with memory loss may have trouble interacting with others. Spending time together with a puzzle can help create easy conversation and shared accomplishment. What a great connection!
  • Better physical health – our minds relax when both sides of the brain are exercised. This helps us to feel calm and content which in turn lowers the breathing rate, slows the heart rate, and reduces blood pressure.
  • Dopamine release – completing tasks like finding a missing piece releases dopamine, the feel good chemical, in the brain. We feel these effects long after.
  • Purposeful activity – Alzheimer’s doesn’t allow feeling much accomplishment as the disease may limit activities that were once done easily. A simple project like completing a puzzle provides a great boost in pride and sense of purpose.

Including jigsaw puzzles in a regular routine for someone with already developed memory loss has remarkable benefits for the mind and spirit.

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Jigsaw Therapy

Jigsaw puzzles have a tremendous effect on the brain. They are simultaneously calming and exciting. Working on jigsaw puzzles forces our brains to actively focus on one thing by using both hemispheres at the same time. The brain works logically to arrange and organize the individual pieces but creatively by seeing the big picture. Without both of these processes, these puzzles might be very difficult to complete.

Jigsaw puzzles also seem to have many psychological benefits. While the concept is very straightforward, the simplicity is deceptive. The level of mental activity and thought processes required to complete a puzzle is surprising. This great work out for the brain is thought to provide many therapeutic advantages which include:

• Problem Solving Skills

• Enhancing Self Evaluation

• Improving Learning Ability

• Helping with Overall Perception and Understanding

• Fulfillment

• Potential Mental Illness Treatment

This level of complexity can help explain the reason why so many people enjoy spending hours at a time working on jigsaw puzzles. This simple activity is in fact an incredible brain exercise and beneficial to kids and adults alike. The challenge of completing a puzzle provides a profound sense of accomplishment. If we can do this, surely we can face any challenge in life.

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Welcome to PuzzRent

We know there are jigsaw puzzle lovers out there, who love spending their free time focusing on one thing, the excitement of placing that last puzzle piece that makes a whole beautiful picture. The problem is, most of these puzzle lovers don’t want to spend the money for each new puzzle when realistically each puzzle would only be completed once or twice and then take up storage space that could be used for something more practical.

PuzzRent has created the perfect solution. We are providing a rental subscription for puzzle lovers who want to work on new puzzles regularly at less than the average cost than if they were to buy the puzzles new. It’s a win win.

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