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Jigsaw Therapy

Jigsaw puzzles have a tremendous effect on the brain. They are simultaneously calming and exciting. Working on jigsaw puzzles forces our brains to actively focus on one thing by using both hemispheres at the same time. The brain works logically to arrange and organize the individual pieces but creatively by seeing the big picture. Without both of these processes, these puzzles might be very difficult to complete.

Jigsaw puzzles also seem to have many psychological benefits. While the concept is very straightforward, the simplicity is deceptive. The level of mental activity and thought processes required to complete a puzzle is surprising. This great work out for the brain is thought to provide many therapeutic advantages which include:

• Problem Solving Skills

• Enhancing Self Evaluation

• Improving Learning Ability

• Helping with Overall Perception and Understanding

• Fulfillment

• Potential Mental Illness Treatment

This level of complexity can help explain the reason why so many people enjoy spending hours at a time working on jigsaw puzzles. This simple activity is in fact an incredible brain exercise and beneficial to kids and adults alike. The challenge of completing a puzzle provides a profound sense of accomplishment. If we can do this, surely we can face any challenge in life.

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